Was born for my nephew's first birthday which was a long time ago.  So long a go he has already graduated from medical school.  It all started one day when I was walking through a toy store looking for something special for his first birthday.  I happened upon a clown "jump suite" mind you, half off in price.  How better to make a birthday special then to send in a clown.  So I proceeded to get make-up and the clown suit.  I knew nothing about being a clown but that didn't stop me.  Well we all know what a one year old does the first time he sees a clown and my nephew was no different.  Except he never stopped crying, till I took the clown costume completely off (I really think it was because I looked so bad).  You would have thought that would have ended my clowning but it didn't.  That very next week I read an ad for a clown class at UTA.  Wow!  I already had the outfit so I took the class, and learned how bad I really was.  Then I joined Mid-Cities clown Alley right after the class, which is what my instructors told me to do.  I really needed a lot more help than just one class could do.  I was told to sign up and go to all the free clown events to get experience and help from other clowns.  The first one I signed up for was a nursing home.  I got there all eager to learn and found out I was the only one that showed up.  Needless to say I had nothing to do, so I just walked room to room and talked to the people.  Afterwards I cried all the way home, because I was so bad.  Well to make a long story short, I didn't give up and thanks to a lot of great clowns in the Alley, it got better.  I went to a lot of events and learned from every Clown I could.  By the time my nephews second birthday came around I thought I was much better and would appear again at his birthday party.  This time I took my costume over and put everything on at his house, but when I closed the door to finish the look and make my grand appearance guess what?  He took one look at me, let out the loudest scream and never stopped.  I was forced to make the change back to a person, just to get him to stop crying.  You would have thought that would have ended my clowning, but by that time I was in love with clowning.  I just never clowned for my nephew again.  That's how Posie was born.

Why us?

I. have been a clown for almost 30 years now.   I also have several original characters I have created for daycares and library shows.  I am primarily known as Posie the Clown, but also Tinker the elf, Honey Bunny and many more.  I am very active in area clubs.  I attend Happy Tymes Clown Alley, Mid Cities Clown Alley #85, the Cow Town Alley, The DFW face painting guild, and go to the balloon jams once a month.  I am also a regular at conventions, seminars and any continuing education thing for entertainers that comes along.  I am serious about staying on top of being a good entertainer and is not content to rest on my laurels.  Also, I don't just join to have my name on the list either, then never show up.   I am active in all of the clubs.  I also have entertainers insurance.